The stainless steel tubing - kinds and fields of application.

The stainless steel tubing are the most practical and needed as stainless steel is characterized by the excellent operational indicators. Therefore the stainless steel tube is durable and reliable. This is basic and the most valuable quality of the given kind of the tubes.

The stainless steel tubing can be used in the most different fields of application. In particular, they are used both in the everyday life and housekeeping, and in different areas of the industry - food, pharmaceutical, chemical, building, petrochemical industry and other areas of manufacture. It is caused by that the stainless steel tubing are capable to maintain the most different loadings. In addition to they are proof against the influences of corrosive medium and any external factors.

There are several kinds of stainless steel tubes:

- round,

- square,

- oval,

- profile,

The stainless steel tubing of the round section is one of the most claimed kinds of stainless production. The stainless steel tubes are also used for the manufacturing of tubing in many branch of the industry.

Besides, there are also such the stainless steel tubing as mirror, thin-walled, thick-walled, straight-line-seam and others. Each of the specified kinds of the tubes is used at certain fields of the application. For example, the household and industrial tubes are thick-walled in most cases. The thin-walled tubes are used in more partial load conditions of the operation.

The stainless steel tube can have any diameter and length. Those tubes or other tubes are selected depending on the requirements of the installation and the operation conditions. For example, there are tubes in the diameter from 10 to 160 mm and more. The length of the tubes fluctuates from 0, 75 to 12 meters. Therefore the stainless steel tube can be used in the most different pipelines and under any conditions of the installation.

The stainless steel tube can be electro welded, cold-deformed and hot-deformed on the method of the manufacturing. The electro welded tubes are more often used. They are the most convenient both at the installation, and at the operation.

In the modern market there are stainless steel tubing of the most different brand marks from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. The part of the production is delivered from China and other countries. Meanwhile the tubes made in our country have not less high quality and reliability.

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