You are a tourist planning to come and see the capital of Belarus – Minsk? Was short of time to book a room in one of the hotels and now all of them are full or you’d rather save on lodging and spend more on sight-seeing? Then you should be aware of one more variant to stay – a flat for rent in Minsk is not so hard to find and really easy to book! Every day a lot of Minsk apartments are ready be let and looking forward to their new guests.

Of course, lodging is one more item of expenses for a tourist which has certain limits. Short-term apartment rentals in Minsk as in any other city of the world may vary depending on different criteria. That is why if the sum that you are looking to spend on lodging is not really high you’ll have to choose an apartment according to the criteria that are most important from your point of view and overlook the ones that are not that significant for you and your companions. So, what are the basic factors which can influence the rental scale?

First of all, the city area: if you’d’ like to stay close, within a walking distance, to the historical and business centers of the capital you’ll have to pay considerable more than if a flat somewhere in suburb would suit you. Therefore, the cheapest apartments can be found in the areas of Malinovka, Shabani. And the most expansive flats are being let not far from The Lenin, October, Nezavisimosti and Yakub Kolas Squares, Nemiga.

Another criterion is apartment’s equipment and decoration: the more recent and modern it is the more money they’ll want for lodging. So, taking into account your budget you can either rent a simple old-fashioned, though clean and neat, studio or move into a chic apartment full of modern household appliances and expensive furniture.

Apartment size: evidently, a two-bedroom apartments will be more expensive than a studio as it can shelter more lodgers.

Renting period: many landlords offer discounts to lodgers who’d like to stay in their apartments for more than a certain period of time. For example, if you’d like to rent a flat just for one night, you’ll pay $50, and if you are looking to rent it for a week the daily fee will be $40.

Time of the year/week: Minsk traditionally welcomes more visitors during holidays and weekends that during ordinary week days. Therefore the rentals may rise considerably within such time periods.

Considering all the above said, Minsk can offer a wide variety of short-term lodging to any taste and budget. One just needs to outline the requirements.

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